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    Introducing Cody Wheeler, a devoted real estate professional committed to serving the Monterey County community. Originally from Arizona, Cody embarked on a significant life transition in 2020 when he and his fiancée decided to make the move to the picturesque Monterey region. Since then, he has formed deep connections within the local community.

    What sets Cody apart from the typical agent is his unwavering dedication to ensuring clients’ goals are met. His passion for the field intensifies with each new client he has the privilege of serving. He aspires to be the bridge that connects people to their dream of homeownership, their “dreamcatcher,” so to speak.

    Every day, Cody immerses himself in market research, meticulously surveying the available inventory in the region. This dedication allows him to remain well-informed and present his clients with the most relevant options. He is deeply committed to expanding his knowledge across all facets of the industry and prioritizes maintaining open lines of communication with his clients, who often become cherished friends in the process.

    Cody is here to help you achieve your real estate goals, whether it’s buying your dream home, selling your property, or investing in the local market. Consider Cody Wheeler as your dedicated real estate professional in Monterey County, and let him help turn your dreams into reality.


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